Website Promotion - Two Star Pack 

Guaranteed results - at least 20 top ten search engine positions for your key words or phrases, and Google traffic today!


Google pay-per-click campaign including up to 20 key words or phrases Creation of search engine optimised “doorways” as required to achieve guaranteed results Link development with appropriate partners as required to achieve guaranteed results Monthly management of results, adjustment of keywords, timely resubmission of web-pages to search engines


Azul will deliver at least 20 top 10 positions in the top 10 search engines* for your 20 chosen keyword phrases.

We are so confident that we can achieve the results that we promise, that we guarantee our results! You only pay our search engine optimisation fee when we fulfil our guarantee.

*List of search engines updated from time to time to reflect changes. Google, Yahoo! Websearch and MSN Search always included.


Set up fee € 499
Monthly fee search engine optimisation € 119
Monthly fee pay-for-click management € 40
Minimum monthly pay-per click expenditure € 40
Yahoo! Express search-engine listing (required, annual fee), $US299

50% of the set up fee and the first 3 months pay-for-click management fees and minimum pay-per-click expenditure are payable in advance.

The balance of the set up fee is invoiced and is immediately payable on the date that the guaranteed search engine results are first achieved. The deposit is non-refundable.

The monthly fee for search engine optimisation is only payable for months that the guaranteed results are achieved. The first three months fees for search engine optimisation are due on the date that the guaranteed search engine results are first achieved. The date of each report showing that guaranteed results have been achieved applies to results for the immediately preceeding month (actual, not calendar).

Should Azul achieve more than the promised 20 top ten positions per month, no additional charge is made to the customer. The pay-for-click management fees and pay-per-click expenditure, as well as the Yahoo! Express search-engine listing fees are not refundable.


Results of the pay-per-click campaign are presented in the first week of each calendar month via an email report outlining, by keyword or phrase, the number of times the advertisement appeared, click-throughs, cost per click. Results of the search-engine campaign are presented each month in an email report listing, by keyword phrase, the top 10 search engine positions achieved on the date that the report was run.


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