Website Promotion 

Azul GUARANTEES that you will get RELEVANT, TARGETED visitors to your site!

When your customer is looking for "Mallorca *your product*", where do you appear in the Google, Yahoo! or MSN search results?

If you are not in the first one (or at a push two or three) pages, you are in the equivalent of a blind alley, lost to your potential customers who will simply not find your beautiful website unless you tell them the address yourself.

Azul is experienced in preparing, submitting and promoting websites to ensure that you get the type of visitors to your site that you deserve!

Small or starter businesses like our One Star Pack (click here for more information). It is a quick and affordable way to get targeted traffic.

Our Two and Three Star Packs give you the equivalent of a store front in Oxford Street (or Jaime III!). When your customer searches for your product or service, we'll make sure your website comes up in the search results in a very prominent position. In fact, we're so confident of our abilities we'll even GUARANTEE a certain number of top ten positions in the leading search engines!

And if you haven't got a website yet, be sure to consider one of our professional web site packages - a perfect way to ensure your Mallorca website is optimised for effectiveness right from day one.

Some examples of our website design work

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